June 04, 2009

'This Kiddie Gestapo Stuff Is Offensive'

That's Jonah Goldberg's take on this commercial, and I agree.

"There is something evil about recruiting children to lobby their parents on political causes," Goldberg writes.
The idea of enlisting children to the Cause is as fashionable today as it was under Robespierre. To crack the bunker walls of the family and seduce the children has always been a top priority of totalitarians, hard and soft. Progressives love to elevate the sagacity of children — Hillary Clinton says some of the best theologians she's ever met have been five-year-olds — because doing so gives children all the more authority when they parrot the talking points of the latest progressive fad. ...

If the man in the ad were a better father, he would have scolded his kid for the disrespect and demanded to know who was teaching him such crap.