September 06, 2011

Weekend Pics

It's always good to have a long weekend. More time to get caught up from a busy school week and prepare for an equally busy one coming up. More time to sleep late and stay up late curled on the couch, holding Oliver and watching movies with the kids. More time for coffee and bagels at Panera and trips to the park. This weekend was especially nice because instead of 100-plus-degree weather we had two days in the low 80s.

Here are Lincoln,Jack Henry, Mary Margaret, and Brandon getting ready to leave for OU's season opener. Lillie was at the lake with a friend, so it was just Oliver and I home on Saturday night. I had planned to do some school work, but I spent the evening sitting on the couch holding Oliver. It's really impossible to put him down.

Jack Henry got lots of couch time with The Big O this weekend:

It was finally cool enough to spend lots of time outside. We strolled around after coffee and bagels ...

and played at the park:

And here's Oliver all clean and snuggled in his jammies:

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