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[Credit: The Weekly Standard] “If you are in the PCA, barring a miracle from heaven, your denomination is finished," Douglas Wilson wrote in 2018 ( PCA, R.I.P. ). "Either believe the Bible, all of it, or just cut to the chase and call yourself a liberal. And once you are a liberal, there will be absolutely no remaining principle of resistance when the LGBTQ-plussers are speaking as confidently as all dammit at the microphones of your General Assemblies. So whatever you say, apart from massive repentance, your beloved denomination is going to assume room temperature shortly. Count on it." Why is this the case? Well, in short, Jon Payne explains ( “The PCA’s Very Slippery Slope” ), “a growing number of our ministers and churches are conforming to the world’s values, attitudes, and ideals, especially as it concerns homosexuality and the social gospel. The future doesn’t look good for the PCA. Frankly, the future looks pretty bad, and I’m not alone in my assessment. … Pr

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