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COVID-19 Consequences

The third week of March in 2020 is the week that America changed. What trends may emerge thereafter? I'll post some interesting links as I find them.

Nine years ago, historian J. Rufus Fears stood in the OCPA boardroom and warned that the Chinese communists are xenophobic despots who hate the United States and can ruin our economy. Fast forward to 2020 and another classicist, Victor Davis Hanson of Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, says the Chinese communists’ coronavirus coverup will leave China "in its weakest global position in memory. And the U.S. will emerge stronger. Here in the U.S., COVID-19 will create bipartisan pressure to adopt policies of keeping key U.S. industries—such as medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and military applied high-tech—in America. Americans will not again wish to outsource the vast majority of their chemotherapy-drug, antibiotic, and heart-medicine production to a government that cannot be trusted and that sees such globalized …

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