October 16, 2017

New York Times Memo: Reporters Must Have 'Neutrality and Fairness' on Social Media

"The New York Times on Friday released new social media guidelines for its reporters, requiring them to avoid any actions that would lead to perceptions of bias or otherwise damage the paper's reputation," The Washington Free Beacon reports.

It's not just national reporters who show their bias on their Twitter feeds. Do yourself a favor and look at the Twitter feeds of some reporters at the Tulsa World, The Oklahoman, and other media outlets in Oklahoma.

October 15, 2017

Red River Showdown 2017

It was Oliver's first OU-Texas game. The Sooners won a 29-24 slugfest in 92-degree heat.

This jersey used to belong to Lincoln. It still has a faded J.C. Watts autograph on it. Good thing Ollie decided to wear it to the game!

Iconic "Big Tex"

Big day! It sure takes a lot out of a boy. Here's Ollie on the postgame train ride back to the hotel.

October 12, 2017

AP Stylebook: 'Avoid References to Being Born a Boy or Girl'

The Associated Press long ago picked a side on the abortion issue, so it's no surprise they would do the same regarding transgenderism.

"The transgender movement is at war with the English language," Sohrab Ahmari writes. "With a new set of style guidelines, the Associated Press has joined the trenches—on the transgender side." The AP Stylebook now instructs journalists not to say a person was "born a girl or boy." 

Gallup tells us that only 1 in 7 Republicans has "a great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in newspapers. Apparently the AP wants to make the situation worse. As Ahmari observes, AP's "language games will only discredit the media and underscore the Orwellian aspect of the transgender movement."


October 03, 2017

Trump's Media Coverage Is Overwhelmingly Negative

"President Donald Trump frequently complains about media coverage of his administration," NBC's Claire Atkinson reports, "and a study released Monday confirms his suspicion: Most of it has been negative."
The Pew Research Center, in a content analysis of the early days of the Trump presidency, found that 62 percent of the coverage was negative and only 5 percent was positive. 
In contrast, President Barack Obama's coverage in early 2009 was 42 percent positive and 20 percent negative, the study said.

September 29, 2017

Ollie Ball

Oliver had a single-double tonight. He scored 10 points, including two on this play.

September 26, 2017

Fact-Checking the Fact Checkers

So the liberals at the Tulsa World are teaming up with the liberals at PolitiFact to do "independent fact-checking." What could possibly go wrong?

Commentators have long pointed out the liberal tilt at PolitiFact. (Earlier this month PolitiFact "fact checked" Hillary Clinton's book and, lo and behold, couldn't find anything "false," much less "pants on fire.") Mark Hemingway notes ("Study Shows Fact-Checkers Are Bad at Their Jobs") that "fact checkers don't come close to producing ratings that would be acceptable by the standards of academic social science. And if you know what a garbage fire the issue of accuracy in social science is, that is really saying something."

Mollie Hemingway is similarly forthright: "PolitiFact is a joke. They should be trusted with nothing. They are the worst candidates to adjudicate fakery in the entire media establishment. Even among the disreputable 'fact' 'checking' class, they are noteworthy for their awfulness."

Be sure to check back often for updates about "fact" "checking."


September 21, 2017

Gross Educational Negligence?

Tulsa World columnist Guerin Emig is concerned about "Oklahoma’s gross educational negligence, which threatens to bleed teachers and students to death."

Negligence? One hopes Mr. Emig will dig deeper. He will likely be surprised to discover that:
  • Oklahoma's public school revenues are higher than ever.
  • Even when adjusted for inflation, Tulsa Public Schools per-student spending in 2016 ($12,180) is only down slightly from a decade ago ($12,261).
  • Using data that the Oklahoma State Department of Education reports to the U.S. Department of Education, economist Benjamin Scafidi points out that between 1993 and 2014, TPS enrollment decreased by 3 percent and the number of teachers decreased by 4 percent—but non-teaching staff increased by 147 percent.
  • TPS employs more non-teachers (3,258) than teachers (2,377).
  • TPS employs 22 individuals with salaries in excess of $100,000—several of whom have the job title “executive assistant.”

September 17, 2017

Streak Ends at 111

Lincoln was six years old when the photo on the left was taken, the same month in which Bob Stoops coached his first game at Oklahoma. The little towhead went to that first home game—and to every one of them thereafter. Coach Stoops won 101 and lost 9.

Now Lincoln’s all grown up (above at right) and cheering for a coach with a familiar name. We had a great time at Lincoln Riley's first game earlier this month (photo below), extending the streak to 111.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. Third-year med students have to do rotations, and they're not optional. Happily, I have another six-year-old, as well as a 15-year-old, that my dad and I took to the game yesterday. We had lots of fun. Still, it just wasn't the same.