September 23, 2016

Face Time

As I did with all the kids when they were little, I love to lie down next to Oliver when he’s sleeping. The room is dark but there’s the faintest light from the porch or from the moon illuminating his face. So I lie next to him, my face just inches from his, and I just stare and ponder and give thanks. If I move my head ever so slightly, it causes the light to shift just enough that suddenly I see someone else, one of his siblings. If I hold perfectly still I am back in time and I am staring at little Lillie. Just hold still—don’t move—and remember the times with Lillie. It’s really quite wonderful. Other-worldly. 

Other times, if the light catches him just right, he looks like Lincoln or Mary Margaret or Jack Henry. One night last week as I looked at him it struck me, “He looks like … Anne Marie’s ultrasound picture.” Can you see it?

September 12, 2016

'Progressive Education Is Self-Destructing'

In a September 1 presentation at the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, Gene Edward Veith, the author of numerous books including Modern Fascism and Postmodern Times, made that point that "progressive education is self-destructing." With the spread of trigger warnings and the like, he said, "it's like a parody of itself. ... It would be funny if we saw it in a movie. It's reality. But when it gets to that point, it's coming apart."

September 09, 2016

Some #yOUrbad Tweets I'd Like to See

It seems that some delicate souls at the University of Oklahoma, upset about gender pronouns and whatnot, have created their own hashtag: #yOUrbad. Surprisingly, there are several tweets these students haven't yet thought of, so as a proud alumnus I'm happy to do my part.
  • The OU student union has a Chick-fil-A #yOUrbad
  • Per @Newsweek, "Not all people who menstruate are women." Thus, Brown U. students putting tampons in men's restrooms. Why not OU? #yOUrbad
  • Harvard nixed the offensive title "house master" because of slavery connotation. Yet OU has them: #yOUrbad
  • OU employee claims "she has been discriminated against at work because she is black, a woman, and disabled" #yOUrbad
  • Mental health services underfunded even as the microaggressed at #yOUrbad suffer DSM-5 Paranoid Personality Disorder
  • OU minority and female faculty outnumbered and receive less pay on average than their white male coworkers #yOUrbad
  • OU agreed to pay $40K to a homophobic misogynist who is on record saying "you went to jail as a b*tch, came home as a dyke" #yOUrbad
  • OU employee earning $220,000 a year bewails "income inequality" in America #yOUrbad   
  • By allowing men to use the ladies' restroom, OU ignores the concerns of sexual-abuse survivors #yOUrbad
  • OU employee says OU regent guilty of gender bias and using his influence to interfere with her employment #yOUrbad
  • Staff name tags at Vanderbilt include preferred gender pronouns Why not OU? #yOUrbad
  • Gender identity is fluid. Why use the word "freshman" at OU, instead of the more tolerant and inclusive "first-year student"? #yOUrbad
  • Income inequality is so bad that not all BLM "die-in" protesters could afford smartphones to take selfies #yOUrbad
  • Univ. of Michigan students now may designate personal pronouns on class rosters Why not OU? #yOUrbad

September 02, 2016

It Turns Out Even NSU Has a Women's Studies Program

Among the rigorous courses available in Tahlequah: "Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies," "Feminist and Social Activism," "Feminist Philosophy and Criticism," and "Feminist Theory."

August 25, 2016

UCO to Host 'Gender and Sexuality Studies' Conference

The City Sentinel has the story.

Mixing Religion and Politics?

Clinton confidant James Carville is in the news suggesting that "somebody is going to hell" over attacks on the Clinton Foundation.

Now conservatives are sometimes accused of mixing religion and politics, of trying to impose our version of morality via the political process. But this statement from the Ragin' Cajun serves as a helpful reminder that sometimes our friends on the left have no qualms about using moral and religious language to support their positions on matters of politics and policy.

In a column published in the Tulsa World, for example, two Tulsa rabbis argued that "when we do not make public education a priority in our state we sin against our children and our future."

University of Oklahoma president David Boren says reducing government spending on higher education is "morally wrong." He even seemed to express agreement with the notion that it is a "sin."

Former Oklahoma Gov. David Walters says it's "immoral" not to embrace the Obamacare Medicaid expansion.

A homosexual rabbi suggests that perhaps Planned Parenthood is "doing God's work."

Oklahoma journalist Arnold Hamilton pronounces it "a moral imperative" to do things like expand medical welfare.

A liberal think tank says the Obamacare Medicaid expansion is the "morally responsible" choice for Oklahoma. The organization also promotes the pro-abortion Obamacare law, defends the Oklahoma branches of the nation’s largest abortion business, and laments that there isn't more accessibility to what it calls (in a devilishly Orwellian turn of phrase) "abortion care."

Kaiser-Francis Oil Co. executive Don Millican makes a biblical case for a 30 percent tax rate and an expansive welfare state.

State Rep. Emily Virgin pronounces it "sinful that many Oklahomans are unable to receive affordable and quality health care." (She likely does not deem sinful her vote against banning abortions on children who can feel intense pain or her vote against banning the practice of tearing babies apart as they bleed to death.)

What's going on here? Are liberals trying to legislate morality?

Not, I hasten to add, that there's anything wrong with that.

August 22, 2016

Tulsa Community College Allows Men in the Ladies' Restrooms

"Ten days before the start of the fall semester, the entire student body received an email on behalf of student affairs informing us that the campuses are providing 'all-gender restroom facilities for students, staff, faculty and college visitors,'" writes Colleen Shorrock, a student at Tulsa Community College, in a letter to the editor published August 20 in the Tulsa World.
Not fully understanding the intent of the email, I visited with the student affairs director to get clarification. Apologizing for the confusing wording, he explained that the bathrooms remained gender specific, only that anyone can choose which to use according to their personal gender identity, not birth identity.

This poses a huge threat to the safety of women, children, and elderly or disabled. Prior to this notice, if campus police observed a male entering a woman’s restroom, he/she would investigate the suspicious behavior. Now there are no safeguards. This creates a high risk for victimization. 
I am requesting the college to recant this policy on grounds that it greatly elevates the threat risk to students and visitors. As for the few who do not feel comfortable using the restroom of their birth gender, there is a solution already in place, it is called the family restroom. It is open to anyone and locks from within. They only need to be made aware of it.
The University of Oklahoma and the University of Central Oklahoma also allow men to use the ladies' restrooms.

August 19, 2016