May 05, 2017

Melodramatic Universities Have Become a Classical Tragedy

Some terrific insights in the latest column from the classicist and military historian Victor Davis Hanson:
"Studies" activist courses too often are therapeutic. They are neither inductive nor Socratic, and they rarely teach facts, methods and means of learning without insisting on predesignated conclusions. Instead, the student should leave the class with proper group-think and ideological race/class/gender fervor of the professor—a supposed new recruit for the larger progressive project. ...
One reason that tuition is sky-high is because behind the facade of "trigger warnings," "safe spaces" and "culture appropriation" are costly legions of deputy associate provosts, special assistants to the dean, and race/class/gender "senior strategists" and facilitators (usually former faculty who no longer teach).

Few admit that a vastly expanding and politically correct administrative industry reflects a massive shift of resources away from physics, humanities or biology—precisely the courses that non-traditional students need to become competitive. ...
Careerist university administrators more often make the university change to accommodate the student rather than asking the incoming student to prepare to accommodate the time-honored university. ...

Apart from the sciences and the professional schools, campuses are a bubble of unearned self-congratulation—clueless that they have broken faith with a once-noble legacy of free inquiry and have lost the respect of most Americans.
The now melodramatic university has become a classical tragedy.

April 05, 2017

OU Student Told to Ditch 'Offensive' Pro-Trump Poster

Todd Starnes has the story.

UPDATE: Tom Knighton adds:
The university claims it barred all political signs from the event, stating that they removed a second political poster from the event, and that it was anti-Trump. But Kell [the student] says that there were indeed other signs present during the event, and that they were anti-Trump.
Either not everyone got the message, or one of the two parties here is presenting incorrect information. But considering the current atmosphere on campuses nationwide, and how Trump supporters have a much, much, much better track record of veracity on stories of persecution or harassment, I'm inclined to give Kell the benefit of the doubt.

March 25, 2017

Oklahoma Higher Ed Not Just Treading Water

Oklahoma’s higher education officials often claim that, because of reduced government subsidies from lawmakers, universities are forced to raise tuition and fees just to keep their heads above water.

In reality, as Neal McCluskey demonstrates, higher education has taken in much more revenue than what was needed to backfill state cuts. As you can see in the charts below, Oklahoma’s per-student appropriations have indeed fallen over the past 25 years, but tuition and fee revenues have increased at a much greater rate—resulting in a net increase of $61 per student or $25 million per year. 

March 22, 2017

When Higher Education Undermines Freedom

An official at the University of Oklahoma recently praised Donald Trump’s critics for their ability to “overcome hate.” OU's president wants “hate speech” reported to the police—and one professor did in fact call the police after being handed an evangelistic tract.

If OU insists upon undermining political freedom, Greg Forster writes for OCPA, lawmakers might want to consider cutting back on direct subsidies and instead more fully voucherizing their support for higher education.