October 23, 2016

Discussing SQ 779

Today in The Oklahoman, University of Oklahoma president David Boren stresses the teacher-pay-raise aspect of SQ 779 while I focus on the higher-education aspect.

October 17, 2016

UCO to Host LGBTQIA Summit

The university will also pay for some of the expenses.

September 23, 2016

Face Time

As I did with all the kids when they were little, I love to lie down next to Oliver when he’s sleeping. The room is dark but there’s the faintest light from the porch or from the moon illuminating his face. So I lie next to him, my face just inches from his, and I just stare and ponder and give thanks. If I move my head ever so slightly, it causes the light to shift just enough that suddenly I see someone else, one of his siblings. If I hold perfectly still I am back in time and I am staring at little Lillie. Just hold still—don’t move—and remember the times with Lillie. It’s really quite wonderful. Other-worldly. 

Other times, if the light catches him just right, he looks like Lincoln or Mary Margaret or Jack Henry. One night last week as I looked at him it struck me, “He looks like … Anne Marie’s ultrasound picture.” Can you see it?

September 12, 2016

'Progressive Education Is Self-Destructing'

In a September 1 presentation at the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, Gene Edward Veith, the author of numerous books including Modern Fascism and Postmodern Times, made that point that "progressive education is self-destructing." With the spread of trigger warnings and the like, he said, "it's like a parody of itself. ... It would be funny if we saw it in a movie. It's reality. But when it gets to that point, it's coming apart."

September 09, 2016

Some #yOUrbad Tweets I'd Like to See

It seems that some delicate souls at the University of Oklahoma, upset about gender pronouns and whatnot, have created their own hashtag: #yOUrbad. Surprisingly, there are several tweets these students haven't yet thought of, so as a proud alumnus I'm happy to do my part.
  • The OU student union has a Chick-fil-A #yOUrbad
  • Per @Newsweek, "Not all people who menstruate are women." Thus, Brown U. students putting tampons in men's restrooms. Why not OU? #yOUrbad
  • Harvard nixed the offensive title "house master" because of slavery connotation. Yet OU has them: http://bit.ly/2cL70iX #yOUrbad
  • OU employee claims "she has been discriminated against at work because she is black, a woman, and disabled" http://bit.ly/2ccRRDr #yOUrbad
  • Mental health services underfunded even as the microaggressed at #yOUrbad suffer DSM-5 Paranoid Personality Disorder http://bit.ly/2czTjAg
  • OU minority and female faculty outnumbered and receive less pay on average than their white male coworkers http://bit.ly/2cLrj1b #yOUrbad
  • OU agreed to pay $40K to a homophobic misogynist who is on record saying "you went to jail as a b*tch, came home as a dyke" http://bit.ly/1NPOlwQ #yOUrbad
  • OU employee earning $220,000 a year bewails "income inequality" in America #yOUrbad   
  • By allowing men to use the ladies' restroom, OU ignores the concerns of sexual-abuse survivors http://bit.ly/1WL2yBv #yOUrbad
  • OU employee says OU regent guilty of gender bias and using his influence to interfere with her employment http://bit.ly/2czQ8bA #yOUrbad
  • Staff name tags at Vanderbilt include preferred gender pronouns http://heat.st/2c1F3lr Why not OU? #yOUrbad
  • Gender identity is fluid. Why use the word "freshman" at OU, instead of the more tolerant and inclusive "first-year student"? #yOUrbad
  • Income inequality is so bad that not all BLM "die-in" protesters could afford smartphones to take selfies http://bit.ly/2dlsDrl #yOUrbad
  • Univ. of Michigan students now may designate personal pronouns on class rosters http://bit.ly/2dfkIsa Why not OU? #yOUrbad
  • Princeton HR department is committed to gender-inclusive language: https://www.princeton.edu/hr/progserv/communications/inclusivelanguage.pdf Why not OU? #yOUrbad
  • Campus leaders at JMU handed out a list of 35 things no student should ever say: http://bit.ly/2e3cUN7 Why not OU? #yOUrbad
  • Some universities are banning politically incorrect Halloween costumes: http://bit.ly/2dwnMDf Why not OU? #yOUrbad

September 02, 2016

It Turns Out Even NSU Has a Women's Studies Program

Among the rigorous courses available in Tahlequah: "Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies," "Feminist and Social Activism," "Feminist Philosophy and Criticism," and "Feminist Theory."