January 07, 2017

And Did I Mention It Would Destroy His Life?

Good politicians have had plenty of media training and know the importance delivering their talking points. Even so, there's such a thing as overkill. For example, many people had a good time at Marco Rubio's expense last year after he repeated the same scripted line four times in a debate:

Now I haven't chopped up this 15-minute video of University of Oklahoma president David Boren repeating his Joe Mixon talking points. (Please feel free to do so and send it to me so I can embed it here.) Here's Mr. Boren:
There’s also no reason to destroy the lives of young people when they make a serious mistake at age 18. ... People need to learn from those serious mistakes, but we don’t want to destroy the lives of young people that can be salvaged. ... I’d ask people to think a little bit before they want to reach out and let one single incident...destroy an entire productive life. Punishment, yes. Ruining lives permanently, no. ... I’m not in the business as a university president of destroying the entire lives and entire futures of young people. If they want to get someone else to be university president that’s in the destruction business, get ’em. ... I don’t want to be a model of the destruction of the lives of young people and not let young people learn from their mistakes. ... I don’t think [the critics] want to be in the business of destroying individuals any more than I do as a university president. ... I think it’s a sort of rush to judgment when you say, ‘Oh, let’s destroy people’s lives and not let them have any kind of future, let’s don’t let them learn from their mistakes.’ ... Let’s not swing the pendulum so far in the other direction that we destroy people and snuff out the possibilities for their lives instead of giving them something to build on. ... When people play God, and they want to push people into the dustbin of future possibilities in their lives, I think that’s wrong.
I realize that plenty of non-revenue-generating Sig Alphs are incensed at these comments, as they should be. But apart from that, I would simply ask Mr. Boren to explain: How would it "ruin" and "destroy" Mixon's life and "snuff out" his future if he had to transfer to, say, West Alabama (as Tyreek Hill did) and then make a fortune in the NFL?

December 01, 2016

NWOSU Protects First Amendment Rights

I recently reached out to officials at Northwestern Oklahoma State University to inquire whether they will protect the free-speech rights of students and faculty. To their great credit, they said they will.

By way of contrast, Oklahoma State University will not.

November 20, 2016

OU Departments Allow Transgender Students to Use Their Preferred Names

OU employee Kathy Fahl, the director of something called the Gender + Equality Center, told the student newspaper that "she thinks using a chosen name is significant for everyone but particularly for transgender or non-gender binary students who choose to use a name that is not consistent with their legal name or gender assigned at birth."

November 09, 2016

Overcoming 'Hate': OU Students, Faculty Protest Donald Trump

"Hundreds of OU students locked arms and marched today in protest of Donald Trump," the student newspaper reports ("OU students, faculty protest president-elect Donald Trump"). One university administrator, Jabar Shumate, was pleased with the rally. "This lets me know that the values of our country and the ability of people to overcome hate (are) much larger and much bigger than whatever happened in those election results last night," he said.