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Thoughts on Our Cultural Riot

Protesters set up a guillotine outside the home of billionaire Jeff Bezos on June 28, 2020. A flyer promoting the march on Bezos's home called for an end to his "abuse and profiteering" and to "abolish the police, the prisons, and Amazon." It is unequivocally true that black lives do indeed matter. This is obvious to the point of banality. Racism in America today is real. "What I find most heartbreaking," Randy Alcorn writes , "is the intense pain felt by black brothers and sisters in Christ whose life experiences are so different from those of us who are white. Love means trying to put ourselves in their shoes and seeking to dialogue and understand why their views differ from ours—and why if we were black we would probably think very differently than we do about racial prejudice and instinctively trusting the police." “I personally integrated the schools in the South and had to walk past angry mobs yelling names at me,” adds Kay Coles James

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