December 01, 2016

NWOSU Protects First Amendment Rights

I recently reached out to officials at Northwestern Oklahoma State University to inquire whether they will protect the free-speech rights of students and faculty. To their great credit, they said they will.

By way of contrast, Oklahoma State University will not.

November 20, 2016

OU Departments Allow Transgender Students to Use Their Preferred Names

OU employee Kathy Fahl, the director of something called the Gender + Equality Center, told the student newspaper that "she thinks using a chosen name is significant for everyone but particularly for transgender or non-gender binary students who choose to use a name that is not consistent with their legal name or gender assigned at birth."

November 09, 2016

Overcoming 'Hate': OU Students, Faculty Protest Donald Trump

"Hundreds of OU students locked arms and marched today in protest of Donald Trump," the student newspaper reports ("OU students, faculty protest president-elect Donald Trump"). One university administrator, Jabar Shumate, was pleased with the rally. "This lets me know that the values of our country and the ability of people to overcome hate (are) much larger and much bigger than whatever happened in those election results last night," he said.

October 23, 2016

Discussing SQ 779

Today in The Oklahoman, University of Oklahoma president David Boren stresses the teacher-pay-raise aspect of SQ 779 while I focus on the higher-education aspect.

October 17, 2016

UCO to Host LGBTQIA Summit

The university will also pay for some of the expenses.

September 23, 2016

Face Time

As I did with all the kids when they were little, I love to lie down next to Oliver when he’s sleeping. The room is dark but there’s the faintest light from the porch or from the moon illuminating his face. So I lie next to him, my face just inches from his, and I just stare and ponder and give thanks. If I move my head ever so slightly, it causes the light to shift just enough that suddenly I see someone else, one of his siblings. If I hold perfectly still I am back in time and I am staring at little Lillie. Just hold still—don’t move—and remember the times with Lillie. It’s really quite wonderful. Other-worldly. 

Other times, if the light catches him just right, he looks like Lincoln or Mary Margaret or Jack Henry. One night last week as I looked at him it struck me, “He looks like … Anne Marie’s ultrasound picture.” Can you see it?