BatesLine -- Award-winning blogger Michael Bates has Tulsa (and a lot more) covered.

Blog and Mablog -- Prolific output from the Reformed pastor, author, and Christopher Hitchens-debater Douglas Wilson.

Choice Remarks -- News and analysis on education reform in Oklahoma.

McCarville Report -- Edited by the indispensable Mike McCarville, this is a daily must-read for news and political junkies in Oklahoma.

Ph.D. Mom Dropout -- OCPA economist Wendy Warcholik is a brainiac policy wonk turned homeschool mom.

The Pioneer Woman -- This Forbes magazine Web Celeb is perhaps my favorite homeschooler in the entire Osage.

Sam Storms -- This Oklahoma City pastor is one of my favorite charismatic Calvinists since the Apostle Paul.

Thanks Coach

Thank you our coach Harry Carter!!! Still more work but appreciate the time he has put into these boys. — Team...