May 07, 2006

Less Profile, More Courage

JFK won a Pulitzer Prize for Profiles in Courage (a book ghostwritten for him by Ted Sorensen and others), but if you’re not paying attention to national politics right now you may not realize there is some real political courage on display these days in the nation's capital. As D.C. journalist Mark Tapscott points out, Sen. Tom Coburn “has succeeded in putting before the American people as no politician has before him in the modern era the magnitude and fundamental dishonesty inherent in so much of federal spending. By standing up by himself in the beginning and then persevering through the insults, counter-attacks and tirades of the old bulls of the Senate, Coburn has given the country a vivid demonstration of genuine political courage. One result has been that many more Members of the Senate have begun to vote with him instead of against him.”

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