June 16, 2006

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Working as I do in the public policy arena, I get to see government waste up close and personal. You’ll be happy to know that when you send your hard-earned money to 23rd and Lincoln, you have the privilege of funding vasectomies, rooster shows, medical welfare for illegal aliens, and $100 car washes for state employees. You also get to subsidize college courses and professors of, shall we say, dubious value. Here are a couple of education courses I recently ran across, the first from OU and the second from OSU.

Gender, Knowledge and Inquiry. Interdisciplinary seminar introducing feminist criticisms of epistemology and exploring their possible significance for design and practices of gender-sensitive inquiry in various academic fields and educational contexts.

Altered States of Consciousness in Human Development. Theory and research concerning the role of altered states of consciousness in human development. Practical techniques for facilitating healthy human development which might be of use to counselors, teachers, and other human service workers. Techniques include guided imagery, progressive relaxation and, especially, meditation.

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