July 30, 2006

Things I Love About My Husband

Since I now have an opportunity to write what I want to, I thought I'd share a few things about Brandon things I love about him.

1. He is really smart. I can ask him about politics, education, what is going on in Washington, or what a certain Bible passage means and he knows the answer. If he doesn’t know the answer, he starts looking through his books to find it.

2. He is really generous. He truly loves to give to people. This has sometimes irritated me because he has, on occasion, taken our income tax refund and given chunks of it away. He doesn’t buy electronics, new cars, lots of new clothes, etc. He would rather buy books for the kids or use the money to pay for ballet lessons for the girls or golf fees for Lincoln.

3. He is a great dad. He plays with the kids, takes Lincoln to football games, rolls around on the bed tickling them, teaches them their catechism questions, etc. At night when the kids are going to bed, it isn’t uncommon for Brandy to be with them for hours. They are reading or talking. I’m not always sure what they talk about – sometimes serious things, sometimes silly. I know my kids will always remember this.

4. He eats whatever I cook for dinner. No matter what it is, he will eat it and in 15 years of marriage has never complained!

5. He is neat. He doesn’t leave his socks on the floor for me to pick up. They always land in the clothes basket.

6. I love his family. I have never had any in-law problems that so many people talk about and make jokes about. I genuinely love his family and have always felt a part of it.

7. He is honest. Being truthful is one of the character qualities that I admire most in a person and I don’t know anyone as honest as Brandy.

8. He takes us to amusement parks. He hates amusement parks, but the kids and I love them. So he will go and push the stroller the entire day (we get there when the gates open and leave when they close). He doesn’t ride anything, but will take the younger kids to the kiddie section while the big kids and I wait in line for the roller coaster. Again, without ever complaining!

9. He trusts me. He never questions what I spend money on. He is involved in the kids’ schooling, but doesn’t question me on everything I do or every book I buy.

10. He is handsome. I frequently comment on how it isn’t fair that men get more handsome as they get older and women just get older. He may be approaching 40, hobbling around, and losing his sight, but he’s still handsome.

11. He loves God and teaches his children to love God. He is the spiritual leader of our home and he is faithful in it.

12. He fights against high taxes and big government. I usually go ballistic when I get our property tax bill in the mail. He says property taxes will probably never go down, but he is helping to chip away at other taxes and I am proud that what he does each day at work really does make a difference.

I could go on and on, but I guess a dozen is a nice even number. Can't you see why I married him? He's a keeper!

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