August 26, 2006

Back to the Books

Thursday afternoon the kids and I met some friends at Full Circle Bookstore to discuss our Omnibus questions. If you like bookstores and haven’t been to Full Circle, you ought to go. The best thing about the place is the 13-foot bookshelves with rolling ladders. The shop has several rooms with fireplaces, nooks to sit in and read, and a small café that serves sandwiches and coffee and has a few games of checkers and Scrabble set out. I felt like I was in a quaint little book shop somewhere on the East Coast instead of in a mall in Oklahoma City (not that I would want to be somewhere on the East Coast or that I even know what it's like to be in a quaint little book shop there).

So, while the younger kids lounged in the children’s reading room on overstuffed pillows reading their literature, the older kids sat in the café and drank vanilla Italian cream sodas and talked about their most recent reading assignment – the book of Genesis. We discussed God’s sovereignty and how God can accomplish his purposes through the sinful acts of human beings and still be holy and just. It was a good discussion and the kids agreed the arguments and questions were really easy to understand because of the great teaching we receive at church. It was a good day and a good first week of school.

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