August 20, 2006

Date Night

Homeschooling starts up again this week, and although Jack Henry won't officially be doing schoolwork, it will still mean a schedule change for him. The days spent at the pool, staying up late, and sleeping late are winding down. He'll have to get used to the fact that his sisters and brother will have schoolwork to do and won't be available to play all day. So to celebrate, he and I went out last night to get school supplies and to do all his favorite things.

The school-supply shopping consisted of a quick stop for crayons and a Spiderman notebook. Then on to the fun stuff. First stop: the gas station, where Jack Henry pumped the gas all by himself and was rewarded with an Icee.

Next we drove through the motorcycle shop / bar / restaurant parking lot and looked at all the motorcycles. The parking lot was filled with motorcycles of every kind. I know Jack Henry wanted to get out and look, but I think we were breaking the rules just by driving an SUV on the premises. Plus, I didn't have my leather vest on.

Next stop, Barnes and Noble to play with the trains. This was heaven for both of us. He had the entire train set to himself and could play to his heart's content. I could sit in a chair and read. After 45 minutes of playing with Thomas the Tank Engine we went to eat at Wendy's. Then the grand finale – a hot donut from Krispy Kreme.

The grand total for the evening was $3.17 (not including the $60 it cost to fill up my car, which I would have had to spend anyway). When we got home Jack Henry squeezed my neck and said, "Thanks, mom! I loved it!"

No, Jack Henry, thank you! I loved it!

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