August 23, 2006


Lincoln is taking a live, online Latin class this fall in which he will be able to interact with the teacher and the other students in the class. I recently explained to him how it would work, how he would talk to the teacher and other students using a headset with a microphone and speakers. When I showed him the headset he said, “Oh, just like Bob Stoops wears.”

OK, that never crossed my mind, but he was right. It does look like the headset thingy Stoops wears on the sidelines. He then went on to talk about how interesting it will be to have kids from all over the country in his Latin class and what it will be like to interact with them. Then he said, “I can’t wait for . . .” In that fraction of a second before his next word came out, my heart swelled. I thought, "Wow! This is great. He is really excited about Latin." I was mentally patting myself on the back for finding such a good class and being such a great motivator. I mean, how many 13-year-old boys are excited about learning Latin?!

Then he finished his sentence. “I can’t wait for . . . football season.”

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