September 22, 2006

Fair Play

The kids and I went to the state fair a few days ago. I know what you're thinking if you happened to read one of my previous posts. She says she's frugal and doesn't like to go to the mall, yet she goes to the Oklahoma State Fair!

What can I say? We like the fair. We like looking at the animals, watching the shows, visiting the booths, seeing the car show, looking at all the competitions and seeing which pumpkin won the blue ribbon, eating the food, and riding the rides. So, on Wednesday we went early and stayed late. We happened to go on Senior Citizens Day when seniors got in free. It was fun seeing elderly couples, many of whom were dressed up, walking hand in hand through the fair or sitting on a bench sharing a cinnamon roll.

We all had a great time. At 9 pm we shared one more funnel cake and headed home -- happy, sticky, and tired.

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