September 24, 2006

Reformation Generation

Whether it's among young charismatics like Joshua Harris, or Southern Baptist students at Al Mohler's seminary, or twentysomethings weary of the seeker-sensitive marketing majors running their church, this excellent Christianity Today article points out that "Calvinism is making a comeback — and shaking up the church."

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  1. That article tells my life story. I was introduced to Calvinism through John Piper's book Desiring God, attended the first Passion conferences with Giglio and Piper, and attended a Southern Baptist church and college ministry while at OU. While most of my peers and leaders disagreed with Calvinism, Piper was deeply respected and his books were talked about and bought and sold at the college ministry's book store. Sproul and Packer were also sold at the same store. It was strange for me to discover Reformed people who had never read Piper since in Baptist circles he was generally the only Calvinist people had heard of. I look back on that time and thnk of myself as an oddball - one who got snagged by this thing called Calvinism that Piper leaked into the churches. It was fun to read this article and see I was a part of a much larger trend and that my experience has been repeated many times over in many different people. I suppose this means I was part of a movement. Funny, cause at the time I thought I was all alone!


    "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him" - Piper


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