September 02, 2006

A Renaissance of Biblical Preaching?

In his latest commentary ('The State of Preaching Today'), Albert Mohler observes several disquieting trends in modern evangelical preaching that are cause for concern: a loss of confidence in the power of the Word; an infatuation with technology; an embarrassment before the biblical text; an evacuation of biblical content; and an absence of the Gospel.

However, he also sees signs of encouragement, including "a large number of younger evangelical pastors who are unabashedly committed to biblical exposition and represent a resurgence of genuine biblical exposition from the pulpits of churches situated in every part of the country, from the inner city to the suburbs and beyond. This new generation is proving once again that the effective and faithful exposition of the Word of God draws persons to Christ and leads to spiritual growth and to the health of the church. A generation of young ministers, along with others making their way through college and seminary education, may point toward a renaissance of biblical preaching in coming years."

I can promise you the renaissance is underway here. Let's pray that it breaks out all over the place.

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