October 12, 2006

Your Saks Dollars at Work

The Oklahoman reported on the front page today that "state credit cards are being used to make millions of dollars in purchases each year with little or no oversight or approval ... Auditors found employees using state credit cards to shop at such places as Saks Fifth Avenue, pawn shops, convenience stores and video stores." I know, I know, it's shocking that waste and abuse could be present in state government.

Sadly, this is but one example of how your money is wasted every day at 23rd and Lincoln. At a press conference next week Sen. Tom Coburn will join us as OCPA teams up with Citizens Against Government Waste to release the 2006 Oklahoma Piglet Book, the definitive guide for reducing waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement in state government. The interns are drawing straws to see which one of them has to dress up in the pig costume.

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