November 02, 2006

Labor Pain

On my way to work every day I have the pleasure of driving by the headquarters of the state's largest labor union, the Oklahoma Education Association (OEA). As these photos from yesterday reveal, the union doesn't hide the fact that it supports Democrats over Republicans. Surely Republican schoolteachers can't be too happy that their dues money goes to support left-wing causes and candidates. Teachers who would rather belong to a professional organization than a labor union should consider a non-union alternative, the Association of Professional Oklahoma Educators.


  1. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Jari Askins is not a left wing candidate. Why would the OEA support candidates that are hostile to its objectives?

  2. Brandon Dutcher3:57 PM

    Askins is not a left-wing candidate? She boasts a lifetime conservative index rating of 21 percent -- identical to that of Stratton Taylor. She votes against lawsuit reform (and has received more than $80,000 from trial lawyers). She voted against giving Oklahomans the right to carry concealed weapons. She voted for giving in-state tuition to illegal aliens. She voted in 1997 to prevent a ban on partial birth abortions. And in a debate just last week she couldn’t bring herself to go on the record opposing homosexual “marriage.” Selah.

    Granted, the OEA shouldn’t support candidates that are hostile to its objectives. My point is this: Republican schoolteachers shouldn’t support a labor union that is hostile to their objectives.

  3. Anonymous10:32 AM

    If you apply a subjective definitions of left and right wing, then you likely have a point. Moving the goal posts puts even conservative Oklahoma democrats like Askins and Henry in the left wing to some folks.

    I don’t know the source or methodology of any “conservative index rating” but I do know that Askins is endorsed by the NRA even if she may have voted against some bill restricting the right to carry concealed weapons. “Lawsuit reform” is a vague term, but I think Jari favors some and opposes other so-called tort reform proposals. The “in-state tuition for illegal aliens” attack was even rejected by the Oklahoman, hardly a bastion of left wing bomb throwing. Reaching back to 1997 for an example of anti-abortion behavior seems like quite a stretch. Labeling someone left wing who does not openly endorse a statutory ban on gay marriage is just tripping over wedge issues.

    Real “left wingers” can hardly succeed in a political atmosphere like Oklahoma but you have to work with what you’ve got.


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