November 24, 2006

McCarville Going Strong

For someone who claims to be retired, Mike McCarville sure is getting a lot of work done. He's poring over mind-numbing campaign finance reports. He's surveying the political scene and providing in-depth news and analysis. Frankly, he's doing some reporting that simply isn't being done elsewhere.

Recently Mike took note of my post on Oklahoma bureaucrats putting the kabosh on "Merry Christmas," and now he's managed to elicit a comment on the matter from Gov. Brad Henry's spokesman.

The McCarville Report Online -- which boasts visitors from all 50 states -- has been called the state's best political blog, and I would be hard pressed to argue with that assessment. Especially after -- get this -- Mike pronounced Susie's and my humble little blog "cerebral, witty, informative and fun." Thanks, Mike.

1 comment:

  1. "cerebral, witty, informative and fun."

    Three descriptives with which I wholeheartedly concur ;-)


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