November 13, 2006

'Recovering the Liberal Arts'

Blogging today over at The Point, T.M. Moore makes the case that
The classical Christian school movement is the best hope for recovering the benefits of liberal education. In that setting the classic trivium is taught in the context of Biblical wisdom and the tradition of Western culture. Children from the first years of schooling are taught to understand the rationale behind language and composition, the subtleties of reasoning and argumentation, and the value of art in the highest traditions of beauty. It's still a little early to tell whether this relatively recent enterprise will deliver long-term benefits to Church and society, but the trend at present appears very hopeful.

The liberal arts may be blocked out of the public school sector, but far-thinking Christian educators are beginning to recover their use in the only context that can allow their real benefit to emerge, that of Biblical wisdom and the heritage of a Scripture-informed Western tradition.

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