November 08, 2006

'The Total Failure of Big Government Republicanism'

U. S. Senator Tom Coburn believes many factors contributed to last night's congressional election results, but that ultimately "this election was not a rejection of conservative principles per se, but a rejection of corrupt, complacent and incompetent government," typified by overspending and pork projects. More from the good doctor:
Although this election represents a short-term setback for Republicans, it could be an important turning point for the Republican Party and, more importantly, the country. ...

This election does not show that voters have abandoned their belief in limited government; it shows that the Republican Party has abandoned them. In fact, these results represent the total failure of big government Republicanism.

The Republican Party now has an opportunity to rediscover its identity as a party for limited government, free enterprise and individual responsibility. Most Americans still believe in these ideals, which reflect not merely the spirit of 1994 or the Reagan Revolution, but the vision of our founders. If Republicans present real ideas and solutions based on these principles we will do well in the future. ...

Republicans oversaw a seven-fold increase in pork projects since 1998. Republicans increased domestic spending by nearly 50 percent since 2001, increased the national debt to $9 trillion, passed a reckless Medicare expansion bill and neglected our oversight responsibilities. While some of these decisions may have helped secure specific seats in the short-term the totality of our excess did not secure our majority, but destroy it.

There should now be less doubt about whether overspending and pork projects are bad policy and bad politics. This year, in particular, pork did not save our vulnerable incumbents but helped drag them down.

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  1. Anonymous7:32 PM

    The rejection of reckless spending and related corruption is a central element of what happened last night. The Republican Party no longer stands for limited government. It has become the symbol of preventive war and corruption. Hopefully, Dr. Coburn and others can restore the party's ideals and reputation.