He Voted For It Before He Voted Against It

The flip-flopper has been outed.

State Sen. Charles Laster (D-Shawnee) voted for important pro-life legislation three times (once in committee and twice on the Senate floor) before he voted against it today.

Even though today's attempt to override the governor's veto fell short, the battle is not over. "Today's vote is just the beginning," says Sen. James Williamson (R-Tulsa). "Our fight on behalf of unborn Oklahomans will continue for as along as necessary until we override this veto.

"Sen. Laster’s flip flop on this life-and-death issue is surprising and disappointing. ... [His] explanation for changing his vote on SB 714 involves the same arguments that were used against this bill during every previous vote, yet Sen. Laster still voted for the bill every time until today."

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