'It's About Choice'

Today's mail brought a taxpayer-funded postcard from the Francis Tuttle Technology Center. It proclaimed, "It's about choice -- in everything you do" (emphasis in original).

Given the government vo-tech system's newfound fondness for choice, I'm sure they'd be happy for the legislature to enact a voucher or tax-credit plan allowing Oklahomans to choose the public or private vocational school of their choice. Surely the public vo-techs -- seeing as how they're the nation's best and all -- wouldn't for a moment be afraid to compete for students. I mean, if the schools are as good as their tax-funded PR campaigns would have us believe, surely they wouldn't have any trouble attracting students. Surely they could provide a better product at a lower cost than their private counterparts. Surely they would be eager to compete on a level playing field.

After all, "it's about choice."

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