Evolution, Abortion, and Other Stuff We Care About

Not only did Oklahoma Democrats hold a polytheistic worship service at their state convention last month, they also managed to adopt a boatload of official resolutions -- "statements of beliefs and principles of the Oklahoma Democratic Party." Here's a sampling. Enjoy.
We support access to public education for all the children of Oklahoma -- regardless of ability, creed, financial means, gender, language, national origin, race, or sexual orientation. [Children already have a sexual orientation?]

We support government funded embryonic stem cell research.

We support government funding of impartial education and information concerning human sexuality including reproductive health care, sexual responsibility and prevention of the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

We support a woman’s unhindered right and ability to decide upon and have access to her own health care, including reproductive care; furthermore, the government has no place asserting control over health care decisions made by a competent adult.

Because contraception is legal and pharmacists and medical providers are licensed by the state of Oklahoma, we oppose conscience clauses by pharmacists and medical providers.

We support a statewide vote to decide the issue of the use of medical marijuana for patients when prescribed by a licensed physician.

We believe fraud and abuse has been perpetrated by mega-corporations to the enormous disadvantage of working men and women. Therefore we strongly advocate and support legislation to strengthen controls and to increase penalties for businesses that violate the public trust.

We oppose the introduction of any religious dogmas, including “creationism” or “intelligent design,” which have no scientific basis, into science courses of public schools.

We oppose the insertion of disclaimer statements about evolution into any textbooks.

We support legislation that would allow establishment of civil unions permitting the legal designation of next of kin and affording civil rights accordingly regardless of gender.

We support Affirmative Action as a program that has worked well to seek constructive solutions to the problems which bring about the need for continuing affirmative action and which have continued to promote diversity, prevent ongoing discrimination and remedy past discrimination.

We support the recognition of the economically disadvantaged as an additional group worth consideration for affirmative action discrimination.

The Oklahoma Democratic Party supports the reproductive freedom of every woman, which means that every woman has the right to decide for herself when to bear children, and commits to the correction of economic and social factors that contribute to unintended pregnancies.

We support all people having full access to and information concerning:

1. Reproductive health care
2. Human sexuality
3. Birth control
4. Reliable means of pregnancy prevention
5. The termination of an unintended pregnancy
6. Alternatives to termination of pregnancy
7. Programs for both males and females designed to educate and instill
reproductive responsibility.

We condemn the "drill first" energy policy espoused by President George W. Bush and his administration. In particular we oppose administration plans to drill in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge, designated wilderness areas, national parks, national monuments and other sensitive public lands. We call for an end to suburban sprawl which results in degradation and pollution of our environment, a serious loss of prime farmland, open space and wetlands, increased flooding, degradation of wildlife habitat, inefficient use of resources, traffic congestion and which creates demand for ineffective and costly remedies.

We support family farmers, oppose proliferation of giant corporate hog and chicken factories in Oklahoma; and support restoration of the state prohibition of corporate farming.

We support an investigation by the United States House of Representatives that will in our opinion lead to the impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

The Democratic Party will fight against the threat posed by mega-enterprises and corporations and we promote democratically governed market economies. Even though not mentioned in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, giant corporations often rule our democracy. When corporations govern, there is little democracy. When we live in a culture defined by corporate values, common sense erodes.

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