Turnabout Is Fair Play

The New York Daily News recently reported ('Alms wide open,' May 24) that an avowed atheist has donated $22.5 million to help Catholic schools.
But even though Robert Wilson doesn't believe in God, he does believe in giving poor kids a chance at a quality education. ...

The donation -- the biggest in Archdiocese of New York history -- will help 3,000 kids from poor families pay for Catholic schools in New York City during the next five years.

Wilson, 80, suggested he would have considered supporting public education, but wanted to sink his money into what he considers a higher-quality school system.

The former Wall Street investor, who is listed among Business Week's "50 Most Generous Philanthropists," blamed the teachers union for crippling public schools with what he termed selfish and greedy demands.
Catholics (via taxation) continuously give money to fund atheist schools. It's good to see things go the other way for a change.

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