July 08, 2007

Hello, Dot-TV? How Much Is Your Hitachi 50-Inch Plasma Screen?

The indispensable Lark News reports that churches with hip, relevant new names are facing some unexpected problems.


  1. Anonymous8:04 AM

    That is what happens when the church tries to cuddle up to the world rather than standing separate from the world! If it is a place to worship the Most High God then it should be obvious!

  2. Darold Booton10:08 AM

    There is a church (ministry?) near work that has recently put up "United Vision Center" on its marquee.

    For several days I thought they had moved and an optometrist had opened up in that location... then I noticed under the sign, "Services at 10:30 am".

    It's not my fault for making this mistake. Before the church (ministry?) had its grand opening in that location, they used to sell washers and dryers. (Just think of the baptismal services they must have had!) :)


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