Baby Boomer

Well, the biggest football fan in our family is now ... Jack Henry.

His dad, his brother and I took him to the OU season opener September 1, which he loved. In past years when he would go to a game, the highlight for him was visiting the concession stand. But this year he followed the action, cheering and high-fiving right alongside Lincoln. Since that game, he now plays imaginary football games by himself in the living room. He doesn't fully grasp things (sometimes the Sooners will be playing the Chicago Bears), and of course he can only play by himself for so long and then he's asking Lincoln, "When are you going to be finished with school so we can play football?"

Although he may be our biggest Sooner fan right now, he is still the low man on the totem pole as far as tickets are concerned, so he's only been to one home game this year (and cried from the driveway the following week when he had to stay home). I'm sure it will be a while before he gets the privilege of attending a road game (Brandy took me to the Tulsa game Friday night, and is taking Lincoln and me to Boulder this weekend), but one of these days it will be his turn.

Until then, "Go Sooners -- beat the Green Bay Packers!"

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