Rocky Mountain High

Well, we’ve returned from the OU-Colorado game. Lincoln has a write-up and some photos on his blog, but I thought I’d give my perspective on things.

We made the trip up and back in a big, cushy van. On the drive I read, watched movies, drank coffee, slept, and got ahead on all my reading for school (so basically, just on the drive I did all of the things I would have wanted to do at home but wouldn’t have been able to do). We stayed in an elegant hotel, had many photo-ops with OU players, took walks in the great Colorado weather, and ate great food. The CU campus was gorgeous, the weather was perfect, and after the game we went to Estes Park to visit the shops and see the mountains. It was a perfect trip.

(Oh, also the Sooners lost the football game, but the weekend was so much fun I almost forgot about that.)

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