The Life of the Party

Rebecca Hamilton is a Democrat state representative, and a fairly liberal one at that. She's a self-described feminist. But when it comes to protecting unborn babies, she's a champion.

"Because of her active role in pro-life issues," a House press release pointed out, "Hamilton has been the target of non-stop attacks by individuals who do not share her views on the sanctity of life. Because of their pro-life views, Hamilton and a Senate colleague were both targeted for public reprimand during this year’s Oklahoma Democratic Party Convention." A proposed resolution at the Democrat convention -- which described her defense of unborn babies as "despicable, impertinent, pretentious and treacherous" -- failed by only 50 votes out of nearly 400 cast.

"I have been a Democrat all my life," she says. "I love my party. But I can only say plainly that if the Democratic Party does not want to be known as the party of abortion, it needs to stop attacking its own members for being pro-life."

Rebecca Hamilton is having a fundraiser Monday night for her 2008 re-election campaign. I'm not a Democrat and not a feminist, but I'm sending her a check because she's a courageous lady who deserves support.

In a recent e-mail addressed to "pro-life friends" and signed "In Christ, Representative Rebecca Hamilton," she wrote:
Thanks to the efforts of so many people, I can't even begin to name them all, Oklahoma's taxpayers will no longer have to pay for abortions at our state hospitals. The only exceptions are to save the mother's life or if continuing a pregnancy would result in loss of a bodily organ or function on the part of the mother, rape and incest. That is so much better than what has been happening at these hospitals. I've talked to staff at OSMH who have told me about late-term abortions for minor fetal anomalies, mothers harangued by doctors until they gave in and had an abortion they didn't want, and babies born alive after abortions who were simply exposed and left to slowly die, sometimes over a period of hours [emphasis added].

The whole time I was fighting for this bill, I've felt like some huge hand was bearing down on me, weighing me down. I got through it by praying every day for the grace to do what I had to do that day. God kept me safe and surprisingly serene through vile personal and verbal attacks, and that's not even talking about the oppression of evil which was swirling around. I can't tell you how relieved and happy I was when SB 139 finally became law.

I will always be grateful that God allowed me to play a part in ending the slaughter at our state hospital. It is a gift that I do not deserve.

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