Spurned Orange

Lincoln and I had a great time at the State Fair of Texas yesterday. Chatted with my cousin Brent and uncle Ty under Big Tex, enjoyed a couple of Texas Big Dawgs with mustard and relish, and checked out the new line of cars at the giant auto show. Two observations from the auto show: (1) Lincoln is going to have to save his pennies if he expects this crimson beauty anytime soon, and (2) no matter how hard the automakers try, God love 'em, burnt orange is simply not an attractive color.

The football game was classic OU-Texas, a hard-fought struggle that came down to the wire. Highlight of the game: freshman DeMarco Murray's 65-yard touchdown sprint, a play which left Texas defenders shaking their heads and saying (as Prince put it in "Little Red Corvette"), "Baby, you're much too fast."

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