November 21, 2007

Another Reason to Homeschool

"School violence is becoming an epidemic in Oklahoma," the Enid News and Eagle recently editorialized ('More children becoming worried about personal safety in school').
A 2007 Oklahoma Youth Risk Behavior survey polled some 2,600 students in grades nine through 12. Of those surveyed, 22.3 percent said they had carried a weapon such as a knife, gun or club to school within the past 30 days. About 9 percent said they carried weapons to school within any given 30-day period.

Those weapons, and the threat of violence, are taking their toll. More than 5 percent of students surveyed said they stayed away from school at some point within a 30-day period because they felt either unsafe at school or traveling to or from school.

More than 10 percent of students said they had been in a fight on school property in the past year. Even more troubling was the fact 7.7 percent of students reported being physically forced to have sex against their will.