More Support for At-Home Moms

In a letter to the editor published today in The Oklahoman, Greg Clift of Anadarko writes:
Regarding Brandon Dutcher's "Help most important educators" (Opinion, Nov. 12): The state has created many rackets that benefit some citizens and taxpayers over others. One of the worst is subsidizing day care for mothers who work outside the home while not helping stay-at-home moms. Dutcher makes a valid point that "state subsidies and credits for day care should also be available to parents who care for their preschoolers full time, at home” to "help — not penalize — families who make sacrifices to keep one parent at home.”

Many will argue that the state can't afford to do this and that the state shouldn't be paying families to take care of their own children. But the state must treat all citizens and taxpayers equally, regardless of the cost to the state. If the state "can't afford it,” then the state should stop subsidizing day care for all.

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