Oklahoma's 'Hoodlumesque Attorney General'

That's what Forbes editor-in-chief Steve Forbes calls Drew Edmondson in a hard-hitting new piece called "Has North Korea Annexed Oklahoma?"

"An extraordinary incident unfolded in the state of Oklahoma on Oct. 2," Forbes writes. "Three individuals were arrested, shackled and arraigned. Their crime: trying to curb the spending excesses of Sooner State politicians. They were accused of violating an arcane and certainly unconstitutional law that imposes restrictions on who can circulate petitions in the state."

Forbes criticizes "Oklahoma's Soviet-minded political establishment"—not only Edmondson but also our "pro-political class Oklahoma Supreme Court" which threw "a tantrum worthy of an Iranian ayatollah."

"The Oklahoma case stands out as an extreme move to restrict the behavior of political activists," Forbes writes. "But unless this thuggish behavior is firmly punished, other states and municipalities will quickly follow suit."

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