Pastor: Churches Should Abet Fornication

In a ham-handed piece of agenda journalism this week in the Tahlequah Daily Press ('Parents say youth should be provided with contraception'), we get another startling glimpse at just how far off track some of the Protestant "mainliners" have wandered. The Daily Press reporter informs us that
United Methodist Home Youth Pastor Linda Pope is a strong proponent of providing contraception to youth.

"I think it is a good idea to make contraceptives available in schools, churches and other public places where young people find themselves," said Pope. "Raging hormones often take away a young person's ability to think rationally; we were engineered that way. The sex drive helps perpetuate the species; all life seeks to continue through progeny."

Pope believes readily available contraceptives can help prevent teen pregnancy, thereby reducing the number of single mothers who wind up in poverty and perpetuate a cycle of despair.

"There may be a few young people who are encouraged to engage in sex because of readily available contraceptives," said Pope. "However, that number will be very few, compared to the number who are already sexually active and taking greater risks to their health and their future."

Pope believes it's important to take care of young people, and often taboo prevents parents and other adults from taking the appropriate measures.

"In Oklahoma, the taboo against sexuality and talking about sex and providing contraceptives has increased our young people's unhealthy sexual habits," said Pope. "As a pastor, I believe God does not want our young mothers to be single and living in poverty. Let's do what we can to help."

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