December 05, 2007

Adventures in D.C. (cont’d.)

Another interesting day in the nation's capital. Started the day with breakfast with some media folks -- pictured here are Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard, John Gizzi of Human Events, and Deborah Simmons, editorial page editor at The Washington Times. Barnes pronounced himself a big fan of the state-based think tanks, saying their growth in number and influence is “one of the most exciting things going on for conservatives” in the U.S. today. Barnes was intrigued to learn that Right to Work may be getting legs in some other states. When reminded that Oklahoma recently passed it, he said, “I know. I talked to Frank Keating the other day -- he’s still talking about it.”

We then walked through a light snowfall (just a dusting, really) to Americans for Tax Reform to attend the Wednesday Meeting, the weekly center-right coalition meeting hosted by Grover Norquist. Today there were easily more than 100 folks in attendance. Tim Goeglein from the White House congratulated the State Policy Network on its 15th anniversary and thanked the state groups for the help they’ve given the White House over the years. I was able to flak for OCPA’s new free-market health care plan. One of the most intriguing presentations (to me, anyway) was from a fellow announcing a new Evangelical Statement on Israel/Palestine. Even though two of the signatories are Tony Campolo and Ron Sider, I am inclined to agree with this statement calling for “a just, lasting two-state solution in the Holy Land.”

In the afternoon was a workshop on property and casualty insurance reform, then a workshop with some of my favorite activists, the guys at the Sam Adams Alliance (including freedom fighter Paul Jacob, pictured here sans handcuffs). Then it was off to The Wall Street Journal where Tom Daxon and I introduced OCPA’s health care plan to editorial writer Steve Moore. When we emerged from the meeting, huge snowflakes were falling, and it was off to the Four Seasons Hotel for the Mercatus Center holiday reception and dinner.