December 03, 2007

Let Fifty Flowers Bloom

My boss David Brown, longtime chairman of the board of The Heritage Foundation, served for many years on the Heritage board alongside the late South Carolina businessman Tom Roe. Mr. Roe, an occasional member of President Reagan's "kitchen cabinet," once suggested to Reagan that there needed to be something like a Heritage Foundation in each of the states. Reagan's reply: "Do something about it."

So he did. Mr. Roe started a conservative think tank in South Carolina, and over time convinced Dr. Brown that he needed to start one in Oklahoma. OCPA was founded in 1993. In a recent article ('Fifty Flowers Bloom') in National Review, John J. Miller reports on the many conservative think tanks -- "mini-Heritage Foundations" -- that are now operating in the states.

This morning I'm headed to D.C. for meetings with my compadres in the State Policy Network, an umbrella organization of these right-leaning think tanks.

UPDATE: Grover bought us all dinner this evening, and we heard from (of all people) Greg Raymer, champion of the 2004 World Series of Poker. (Hey, if you won a $5 million prize and the government took $1.8 million of it, you'd be a libertarian too.) He was kind enough to autograph an ace of spades for Lincoln.