December 05, 2007

That's My Boy

Yesterday, my good friend and neighbor delivered a baby girl and her five-year-old son, Reid, came and spent the day with us while she was in the hospital. While Reid was here we got to hear all about his new baby sister -- what color her eyes were, how big she was, how long she was in her mommy's tummy, and so on. Reid was noticeably giddy about being a big brother and it was fun to hear him talk.

Later that evening I heard Jack Henry pose this question: "Do you know what the difference between a girl and boy is?"

After all the talk about babies that day I was a little nervous about what Jack Henry was going to say. I wondered if perhaps Reid has shared something with Jack Henry that I hadn't heard. My fears were quickly eliminated when Jack Henry explained: "When a girl and a boy play basketball together, the boy is going to win."