January 18, 2008

Southern Baptist Leader Calls for Exit Strategy

Bob Allen, managing editor of EthicsDaily.com, reports today that Albert Mohler, who is likely to be the next president of the Southern Baptist Convention, "says in a new book that Christians should have an exit strategy from public schools."
Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, says in Culture Shift: Engaging Current Issues With Timeless Truth that Christian parents increasingly view public schools as "prime battlegrounds for cultural conflict."

"I am convinced that the time has come for Christians to develop an exit strategy from the public schools," Mohler writes. "Some parents made this decision long ago." ...

As president of the denomination's mother seminary, Mohler is already the highest-profile Southern Baptist advocating a mass exodus from public schools and creation of a competing system of Christian and home schools. ...

Mohler faults public education for undermining parental rights, promoting secular humanism and control by special interests. "Those who doubt the radical commitment of groups such as the National Education Association should simply look at the organization's public statements, policy positions and initiatives," he writes.

He says the state of public schools "has prompted some to reconsider the very idea of public education."

"Some now argue that Christian parents cannot send their children to public schools without committing the sin of handing their children over to a pagan and ungodly system," Mohler writes. "Fueled by a secularist agenda and influenced by an elite of radial educational bureaucrats and theorists, government schools now serve as engines for secularizing and radicalizing children."

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