June 03, 2008

Ain't It Grand?

I celebrated my 40th birthday in April, but a friend of mine had also planned to take me to the lake for my birthday. We decided we would wait until school was out since we were both so busy with activities and homeschooling. So last weekend we packed up the car waved goodbye to Brandon and the kids and headed to Grand Lake. And it was perfect.

We lounged on the couch and watched movies, slept late, and sat on the back deck and watched the birds and drank coffee. We relaxed by the pool, read, and didn't put on makeup the entire trip. We grilled out and sat and sipped wine and talked. We took a stack of movies with us, but spent so much time sitting on the deck talking that we didn't get to watch them all. I guess we're just going to have to go back!

This is our view from the back deck and this is the hammock where I spent time napping.

Thanks Coach

Thank you our coach Harry Carter!!! Still more work but appreciate the time he has put into these boys. pic.twitter.com/nRdzmVdkxJ — Team...