June 20, 2008

A Reason for Optimism on McCain

With the presidential election approaching, there is a palpable, unsettling realization on the center-right that an Obama Administration is a real possibility. But conservative leader Grover Norquist was here for lunch yesterday and gave several reasons for optimism regarding a McCain victory. One of the most important is this: If Obama wins and reinstates the so-called Fairness Doctrine, media like Christian radio, Christian television, and conservative talk radio could be up a creek. Grover believes that once the James Dobsons and the Rush Limbaughs communicate this effectively to their listeners, the center-right will be energized to help defeat Obama. We shall see.

Thanks Coach

Thank you our coach Harry Carter!!! Still more work but appreciate the time he has put into these boys. pic.twitter.com/nRdzmVdkxJ — Team...