October 29, 2008

For Greater Transparency

Kate Campaigne, director of transparency policy at the Illinois Policy Institute, has written a new paper arguing for greater transparency in Illinois government. She points to successes in other states, including Oklahoma:
After the passage of federal legislation requiring government to implement transparency and create a website of all federal expenditures, U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn and Brandon Dutcher, vice president for policy at the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, quickly initiated action towards implementing transparency in their home state of Oklahoma.
And our friends at the Sam Adams Alliance are promoting transparency by "offering $1,000 in cash plus flip cam prizes for shockingly good videos that demonstrate citizen activists’ efforts to protect the integrity of the voting process."

The Ideological Blindness at the Heart of Media Bias

NBC's Chuck Todd "doesn’t adequately acknowledge that much of the distrust of the mainstream media is both organic and justified—an...