Local Christian School Expanding

In a recent conversation with News9's Alex Cameron, I pointed out that Oklahomans are itching for more schooling options for their children. So I am always thrilled to see when alternatives to the government monopoly present themselves.

The weekly Oklahoma City newspaper Friday reports tomorrow that Crossings Christian School held a groundbreaking celebration this week marking the construction of a new building for its Upper School. Crossings (whose headmaster I remember from way, way back at OU) is an accredited Christian school in Oklahoma City which (among other things) teaches Latin, values the concept of the Trivium, and teaches timeless classical literature. According to Friday:
$7.8 million has been raised in a capital campaign which began in the spring of 2008. The amount raised to date will allow construction to begin on the spacious 60,000 square foot facility featuring 27 classrooms, three science lecture rooms, and two science labs. A broadcast media room, library facilities, and spaces for art, music, band, and orchestra will also be included in the project. Fund raising will continue to complete the million-dollar goal which will include a commons area and gymnasium for the Upper School and a Lower School multipurpose gym facilities and commons area. ...

Crossings Christian School, which began as a preschool in 1998 and developed into an elementary school in 2000, has a current preschool through ninth grade enrollment of approximately 537 students. By completing the Upper School building, Crossings will be able to accommodate students through the 12th grade, with the first class graduating in 2012.

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