Thank Goodness for Helpful Government Regulations

Lincoln, our oldest son, is a good student. Not because I'm a great teacher, but because he has God-given talents, is disciplined, and studies diligently. Currently as a sophomore, he's taking calculus; yesterday's lesson was on binomial expansion and recognizing the equations of conic sections. He is also taking a Latin grammar and translation course where he is translating Hercules, and a history course in which he is writing a paper on John Locke's influence on the American system of government. Several years ago while taking ancient history he waded through The Histories by Herodotus, Virgil's Aeneid, and Livy's The Early History of Rome, just to name a few. Last week in his anatomy class he had a test over the the skeletal system, bone markings, and the integumentary system.

And today at 12:30 I have to take time out of my schedule and go plunk down $35 so Lincoln can sit for the government's 8th-grade reading proficiency test -- a test I already know a third-grader can pass -- which the State of Oklahoma requires before one can take a driving test.

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