How Much Will Cap-and-Tax Cost Your Family?

Despite pleas from many of us on the center-right, the U.S. House narrowly passed cap-and-tax on Friday. Now it's up to the U.S. Senate to thwart what Hugh Hewitt calls "this attempt at economic suicide."

If the Senate can't stop it, you would do well to start rethinking your family budget. Click here to calculate how much cap-and-tax will cost your family.

For now, the only good thing about the House vote, Hewitt writes, "is the undeniable message it sends to voters about just how hard left the Democrats are and at the same time just how irresponsible the Obama/Pelosi/Reid majority is."
Not only does today's debacle strengthen the case for a massive course correction and return to balance in D.C. in 2010, it also should increase resistance to the similarly radical attempt to remake American medicine into a single-payer, government-dominated, Canada-style plan. A majority so obviously indifferent to the substance of "legislation" they pass should not be trusted with the medicine that Americans need to live well and long. The country knows the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Democrats are drunk on power and lurching so far to the left as to stun even partisan Democrats.

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