Pro-Life Senator Launches Campaign for Lieutenant Governor

State Sen. Todd Lamb (R-Edmond) kicked off his campaign for lieutenant governor this morning (classic Tulsa World, by the way, to diss the Creator with a lower-case "c"), and Susie and I took the kids to the festivities. In a conversation after the formal announcement, I showed Sen. Lamb a very compelling picture. "This," I said, "is why the liberals hate your ultrasound law."

Lamb put quite a bit of emphasis on recruiting people and businesses to Oklahoma, saying it's time to "shrug off the Grapes of Wrath image" and indeed to press for a reverse-Dust-Bowl of sorts (hmmm, I've got some ideas on that). By all appearances, the Lamb campaign is off to a strong start.

Here are pics of a couple of girls who can't yet vote (alas, they don't live in McAlester) and a couple of defenders who are going to find their task much more difficult if suddenly there's a 6'6", 240-pound state trooper setting picks.

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