Thank You

During these last few months, and particularly this last week, Brandon and I have been overwhelmed with the support we have received from family and friends.

We have received countless calls, texts, and messages from people saying they are praying for us and for Anne Marie. We have had our family here in Dallas helping with the kids and being with us. We have had numerous people offer to help in any way they can. Even now our kids are back in Oklahoma City staying with and being cared for by friends who we know will treat them as their own. One day a few weeks ago when I was feeling really homesick, a package arrived filled with gifts and cards and all sorts of goodies from friends in our neighborhood. On the day Anne Marie was born, none other than our senior pastor showed up at the hospital, and today our friend and associate pastor came to visit and brought us a care package (photos below) from our church family. When we got home from a long day at the hospital, we sat down on the floor opening cards filled with prayers and notes from friends we miss. It was also filled with gift cards, treats, baby and mommy gifts, books and magazines, and more.

Again, we are just overwhelmed by the support we have had and we can't thank everyone enough. Mostly, we are grateful for your prayers for Anne Marie.

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