And Please Tell Me You Burned the Books, Too

We already know that the University of Oklahoma's Darwinian dictators -- professors, museum bureaucrats, grad students, etc. -- sometimes act like, well, frightened children. So I guess it's no surprise to learn that they're not above ... confiscating books!

It seems that some copies of an unacceptable book turned up on campus this week, an edition of Darwin's Origin of Species with a special introduction by creationist Ray Comfort. Now clearly the last thing we want at a university is the freedom to express ideas and access information. So the scientists sprang into action. Victor H. Hutchison, an emeritus zoology professor, explains that "two men were here today passing out the books."
As soon as this was discovered, word was rapidly spread to biology departments and faculty, staff, graduate students and undergraduates rushed out to get copies to keep them from going to unsuspecting students.

The men distributing the books had one suitcase and one back pack full of books. We know of at least several dozen volumes that were acquired by Comfort opponents. By noon the two men were gone, hopefully not to return. If they do, those on our side are ready to grab more. ... If it is not too late, perhaps other campuses can do the same and get many volumes out of circulation.

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