January 28, 2010

Another Bad Idea from Mr. Obama

Unsurprisingly, President Obama is pushing policies which discriminate against stay-at-home moms. Looks like I'm going to have to send Susie up there again.


  1. I've been reading you blog since Christmas and love the way you share this blog with each other.

    I thank you for your imput on politics. I agree this policy is not good for us SAHM's and I think Susie should go too! :)

    I loved your post yesterday regarding your son Lincoln. His post would prove that you & your wife are wonderful parents!

    I am very sorry for your recent loss of your beautiful daughter, Anne Marie. Her short life has impacted me tremendoulsy. Her life as well as the faith your family has.

    Tina Fisher

    PS I tweeted your link on policies & published it to facebook. I wonder what kind of response my liberal friends will have? ;)

    PPs Also a fan of our govenor Tim Pawlenty!

  2. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Go Susie!! DHS showed up at my door yesterday with a complaint that I was running an unlicenced child care. Ha Ha, all 3 are mine!!! Obama is not the only one who wants to push kids to school and moms back to work. We Oklahomans will stand strong for our families. Janet in Edmond

  3. I agree. Time for the big guns.


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