Christmas Pictures

One of the good things about having kids around is that they cause you to do things -- like cook dinner, and do math lessons, and get out of bed each day. And if it weren't for the kids, I might have skipped Christmas altogether this year. But we didn't. We put up our tree and hung our stockings and made snacks and treats. And they helped put a smile on my face even when I was sad. There haven't been many things that have made me laugh these past few weeks, but my kids have. On Christmas morning I laughed and I cried and gave thanks for all my children. Here are some pictures from Christmas.

Jack Henry going out to play in the Christmas Eve blizzard:

Mary Margaret delivering treats to the neighbors:

Getting ready for Santa:

Waiting for Santa:

Remembering Anne Marie:

Out in the snow on Christmas morning:

Digging out of the driveway so we could leave town:

Making progress!

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