'A Cheerful, Perky Companion'

Eleven-year-old Mary Margaret shares some thoughts about her little brother:
Many people think that little brothers are a pest, and they can be, but my brother Jack Henry is also a cheerful, perky companion who I am lucky to have. Whether we are playing Wii, or doing our Bible lesson, or just rolling around on the floor, I can't help but enjoy it when he is around. Although he does not appreciate many of the same things I do, he is fun and easy to play with. One of the things that we do have in common is that we both like to keep our rooms neat and tidy. Jack Henry can almost always brighten my day by his cheerfulness and imagination.

One of the things I like most about Jack Henry is his cheeriness and good attitude. Most of the time, he just goes with the flow and enjoys life. When his favorite team loses a game, he will just brush it off. When our family had to stay in an apartment for a time, he did not have many of his toys or any of his friends to play with, but he did not complain. I love Jack Henry because he is sunny and content.

Jack Henry also has a very broad imagination. He loves to play with his Webkinz, pretending they are real. When I come into the kitchen for breakfast, Jack Henry is sitting at the table with two of his Webkinz perched on the side of his cereal bowl, as if they were all sharing breakfast. I can sometimes hear him in his room, with his mini basketball goal and his Nerf ball, pretending he is in the NBA. I love and admire how Jack Henry is so imaginative.

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