March 20, 2010

Bush Surprised, Comforted by Prayers

In an article today in The Oklahoman ('Bush surprised by Americans' prayers'), former president George W. Bush is quoted as saying, "The biggest surprise of the presidency was the calming effect of prayer by total strangers." This comports perfectly with something I wrote in The Oklahoman ('Bush comforted by prayers') during the first year of his presidency.


  1. As I read this again, I was humbled by the things you wrote. I feel it is inadequate to just say "thank you", but then wonder if etiquette permits me to mention it at all. I have this article posted on my fridge but it is barely visible amid all the family photos.
    You are a great writer and I am feeling my lack of "greatness" in this comment. Thank you for including me in the article. It was a privilege to pray for our president.

    I don't know if I ever told you or not, but Mike (whose last name is escaping me at the moment, Smith maybe, but he went to OLCC and served on President Bush's cabinet) hand delivered the journal and some time later, I received a personal "thank you" from President Bush. It was sent from his ranch here in Texas.

  2. Hannah: That is very cool. I never knew that about Bush receiving your journal. I'm not at all surprised that he sent you a thank you note.