May 17, 2010

OK, It's Official. I Love Alabama

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  1. Gary Palmer10:36 AM

    The Peterson ad was a lot of fun, but he came in last place. The attack ad against Bradley Byrne was funded by the education union. They have spent an estimated $1.5 to $2 million dollars trying to defeat him. As chancellor of Alabama's two-year colleges, Byrne prohibited any employee of the two-colleges from serving in the legislature while still employed by the two-year college system. He eliminated the practice of double-dipping taxpayers by legislator that were getting their two-year college check and their legislative pay. Byrne has go against Paul Hubbert, the head of the education union, eight times and Byrne is 8 and 0. Byrne, like any candidate, has his flaws, the but the attack ads are a gross misrepresentation of his record and what he believes.

    What is really interesting is what happened in the Democrat primary. The Democrats selected Ron Sparks, an inarticulate candidate with only a two-year college degree, over Artur Davis, an articulate black candidate who is a Havard Law grad and a sitting member of Congress. Sparks won because a majority of black voters supported him and they did so primarily because he has publicly endorsed Obamacare. I think this primary may have signaled a political realignment in Alabama. For more detail, read this week's article "Another View on the 2010 Alabama Primaries" at